CSR Activities

The Environment and Social Responsibility are one of our priority management themes, as such we are working to make a positive contribution to society in which we operate, practicing in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We intend to make a meaningful impact on the people in the regions in which We operate at both social and economic level, supporting uplift projects based on a thorough understanding of local needs. We understand that the industries of oil, gas, and mining can and do have an impact on the environment and agree to undertake best practices to mitigate our impact on the environment.

We are committed to adhering to best environmental practices, minimizing impact to the local communities while participating in programs to benefit the communities beyond the life of the project, implementing and maintaining excellent standards of health and safety. We will implement appropriate risk management systems and ensure we operate a workplace environment whereby human rights are respected and upheld.

Community Development Programs

For areas of Social economic programs include education, health, water and sanitation and livelihood. Regular meetings with local communities are held and after assessing their needs, a plan is put together to benefit the communities. Activities include supporting the local primary schools by providing textbooks, pens, pencils, note¬books and improving village water resources and construction of sanitary latrines at the village primary schools, other communal places and renovation / construction of the village clinics and provision of basic clinical equipment.

Social Development, Human rights and equal opportunity

We are committed to making a meaningful impact on the people in the regions which we operate in at both social and economic level. We will organize and develop user groups from the communities in which we are located as far as possible, and provide training and development to assist them to build local capacity for life-long careers.

We will uphold the basic human rights of our employees, and entrench a respect for human rights, customs and values amongst the policies and practices of the company.

Environment, Safety and Health

We recognize that we operate in an environment of scarce resources and will endeavor to optimize their use, paying particular attention to the preservation of biodiversity and appropriate land use planning, both during and after the period of operation.

With this awareness, we carried out the reforestation programme over 5000 acres of land by planting and continuously maintaining hardwood trees such as teak, land filling the abandoned small scale mines of the local miners was also done by MPRG to prevent accidents.

As ensuring the safety and health of our employees and community is a priority, so we are implementing the appropriate risk management systems and providing appropriate training and protective equipment to our employees.

Governance and Stakeholder engagement

We are committed to good corporate governance and ethical business practice and will ensure that we have appropriate governance structures, policies and practices in place, and that we comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. We will implement appropriate risk management process, from the beginning of exploration projects, through the development and construction phases, and into production, and ensure that these include the identification and mitigation of risks.

We are committed to engage with our stakeholders and to provide information in a regular and transparent manner.

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