Mineral Sector

A MPRG family company called Myauk Kyun Thu Ma Ma has owned 2 gold mines since 1999. The producing gold mines are located in Thabikekyin and Sintgu Township in Mandalay Division. The group’s portfolio of mineral properties in the area includes Sintgu mine, Doe Nwe mine and several exploration prospects. Recently, MPRG has acquired several small-scale mines in the Pyinchaung area.

The total number of employees at the mines is around 1,000. The daily mine output is 250 metric tons of ore per day.

MPRG will sign new gold exploration contracts in other regions with the Department of Geological Survey and Exploration (DGSE). MPRG is the first local company in Myanmar to use a systematic gold exploration model and well-experienced exploration team initially over a 70 square kilometer area in the Tagun Khindan area which is located in the Mandalay Division.

Exploration Strategies

Our strategy is to explore for more gold deposits in the Singu Mining District, one of the largest mining districts in Myanmar, while concurrently mining and processing higher grade resources at the Singu mill facility.

MPRG’s geologists are also exploring for gold in the Central Myanmar Slate Belt, which hosts many very high grade gold. The Slate belt veins are mesothermal orogenic deposits. Orogenic gold deposits are a very well defined class of deposit globally, with major deposits or districts including Ballarat Bendigo in Australia. We believe the Belt, especially the Yamethin area, has been under-explored and the potential to find new deposits is excellent.

Other Minerals

Our aim is to become a multi-mineral producer. MPRG has chosen target areas and has applied for 4 copper/gold exploration permits. The work programs are targeted to begin by the 2nd Q of 2013.

The selection was carried out through high expertise and decades of experience in the mineral exploration sector. Some of the areas are located on Myanmar volcanic arc, which has prominent deposits, and mines including Monwya copper mine. Most of the areas will be targeted exploration rather than regional. In order to save time, investment to maximize progress, exploration will be done on smaller areas with known prospects or known drill intercepts.

MPRG has an excellent geology team for mineral exploration as the team is formed with experts who have several decades of experience with mineral exploration in Myanmar.

MPRG’s four copper/gold targets

include porphyry prospects. The prospects are located on the central volcanic arc, which is known to be fertile with several discovered deposits including the Monywa copper mine. MPRG has chosen highly promising targets such as Kyaukpon-Kuku prospect which has drilled intercepts of commercial grade copper/gold.

MPRG has signed a JV agreement with Daewoo International Corporation to explore and develop a copper prospect at Shangalon in the Sagaing Region.

Jade Mining

 Currently, we are operating (3) Jade mines in Khan Htee area in Sagaing Division. Imperial quality jadeites produced are sold in the local market and at quarterly gems emporium in Nay Pyi Taw. Due to falling jade reserves and mining difficulties, we are now focusing only on 3 areas with the highest potential. We have 80 employees on site and 15 staff in Mandalay to assist with Logistics and Supplies.

1. Pyinchaung Gold Exploration

One of the associated companies of MPRG called Myuakkyunthu Ma Ma Mining and Refinery Co.Ltd  has been starting Feasibility study of the Gold deposit in Pyin Chaung Area, coverage of the area is about 1.2 sq-km and located at 73 kilometer North of Mandalay, about 2 hour motor drive on Mandalay-Letpanhla highway and one hour drive with off road by Vehicle. MPRG is the first local company in Myanmar to use a systematic gold exploration technique.

2. Kantaung and Doe Nwe Gold Mines 

Underground survey at Doenew gold mine

One of MPRG family companies called Myauk Kyun Thu Ma Ma has been commenced two gold mines in Thabikekyin and Singu Twonships in Mandalay Division since 1999.  The group’s portfolio of mineral properties in the area includes Kantaung mine, Doe Nwe mine and several exploration prospects. Recently, MPRG has acquired several small-scale mines in the Pyinchaung area.

MPRG believes that the potential of extensions of current production veins are below the mineout adit based on the structure and characteristics of the current gold-bearing quartz veins. Therefore consultant geologists recommended searching for downward extension by drilling.

3. Tagunkhindan Gold and Associate Mineral Exploration

MKTMM Co. Ltd. Carried out field reconnaissance for Gold and associated minerals exploration activities in Tagunkhindan area, located at about 150 km from southeast of Mandalay and about 370 km far from Yangon and the area coverage is approximately 70 square kilometers.

Myaukkyunthu Ma Ma Mining and Refinery Co.Ltd has fully committed with HSE policies and standards to provide environment impact of land, air, surface water, ground water, waste, noise, biodiversity and ecology system. During the mineral exploration in all stages of prospecting, exploration, feasibility study at the Tagunkhindan area, Yamethin Township, Mandalay region.

Shangalon Copper and Gold Mineral exploration

Shangalon Copper and Gold Mineral exploration: Shangalon Copper and Gold mineral exploration area is located at Kawlin Township in Sagaing Region.  The area coverage is approximately 264.1 square – kilometer. The exploration activities will be carried out stage by stage; For the Reconnaissance stage (i) Area Geological Mapping (ii) Stream Sediment Sampling (iii) heavy Sampling (iv) Ridge and Spur Soil Sampling and (v) lab testing. The Prospecting Stage making a (i) Semi detailed out crop mapping (ii) Mineral alteration mapping (iii) Topographic mapping, (iv) take Auger soil sampling (v) Outcrop rock sampling, and (vi) Vein sampling etc. The Mineral exploration stage continues Geophysical survey to trenching of selected soil geochemical anomalies. Depending on the field testing results, we will prepare for selection of Scout drilling site and core drilling up to 6000m – 8000m.

Jade and ruby mines

Since its establishment in 1999 Myauk Kyun Thu Ma Ma jade mines in Hkamti has been successful and due to various reasons it reduced leased area and production rate. Some potential prospects around Nansibon and Makanhka maws will apply for new jade deposits in Hkamti Jade Tract.

The resource identification for jade in Hpakant and Maw Lu have been conducted late 2014 by Managing Director and exploration geologists.Geological understanding is a fundamental requirement for successful terrane selection, exploration , site development and mining. Our geological staff has experience at each stage of project development. MPRG obtained five new blocks at Mawgalon in Hpakant Jade Tract recently. The prospecting and exploration for jade in Mawgalon Prospect will be carried out as soon as the area has favourable security condition.

Location Map of Nansibon and Makyan Hka jade mines in Hkamti Jade Tract

Jade-bearing gravel bed at Kabarni worksite, Hkamti

Interbedded gravel and sandstone at Kabarni worksite

Nammaw worksite Hpakant

Jade from Hkamti Kabani Block, Hkamti

Hton Taung worksite Maw Lu, Sagaing Region

Jade from Hton Taung Maw, Sagaing Region

Ruby Mine in Mogok

MPRG acquired Ruby blocks in Kyatpyin, Mogok gem tract. Due to various reasons production has been suspended for a few years. The resistivity geophysical survey has to be carried out in Kyatpyin area to ascertain physical properties, thickness of overburden and alluvial layer or structures, morphology and type of bedrock and features of contact zones between different lithology. Resistivity imaging which is also known as Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) is particularly useful in clayey ground and it helps to define transitional boundaries which can be difficult to detect using other geophysical methods. The above views in mind MPRG will be resumed exploration and development for ruby and associated precious minerals in Kyatpyin area in the near future.

MPRG staffs are currently involved in gold exploration and production, jade production and oil (shallow and deep) and gas exploration and production and jade production in respective areas. Altogether 24 geologists, supervised by Dr. Andrew Mitchell, 6 engineers, 35 managers in various sector and about 250 miners are striving for finding world class deposits and brought into production stage effectively in minimum period of time.

Pingu Taung Block, Mogok

Pingu Taung Block, Mogok

Daewoo Precious Resources’ Shangalon Prospect Exploration activities

Geophysical Survey Team at the field site

Myanmar Precious Resources Group has formed Joint Venture Company with Daewoo International Corporation namely “Daewoo Precious Resources” to search for porphyry copper and gold deposit in Shangalon Prospect in Kawlin Township, Sagaing Region. Geochemical soil sampling, rock chip sampling, detailed geological mapping and topographic survey completed in July 2014. All geochemical soil samples are sent to Intertek Laboratory in Philippine. The petrographic study of some significant rocks are conducted by DGSE under Ministry of Mines. The IP and SP geophysical survey have done in the selected areas further drilling. The geologist consultant Mr. Alan Buenavista commenced his field work on porphyry copper and gold deposit in Shangalon prospect in mid July 2014 and expected to complete mid August 2014. With reference to the previous information from UNDP and Ivanhoe Myanmar Holdings Ltd. the sizable porphyry copper and gold deposits above economic grade awaits systematic and efficient exploration program.

Site investigation and feasibility study by the team

Airborne Survey Team: Preparation on-ground activities of Electromagnetic Survey.

Field Investigation at Taungni Taungnauk at Kyaukpadaung Area.

Pre-reconnaissance field visit was carried out on three main prospect areas of Taungni, Taungnauk and Kyaukpadaung Taung prospect at Kyaukpadaung Township, Mandalay Region in central Myanmar. There are three teams of field group with six geologists from MPRG, two geologists from DGSE, two experts and one geologist of Filipinos from Freeport USA Mining Exploration Company conducted the six days (from 3rd to 10th  July 2013) on the field mapping and sampling. The Field teams are under the leadership with Dr. Andrew H.G Mitchell, Mr. David M. First (Freeport) and Myint Thein Htay (MPRG). The field Teams assess the quality, style of mineralization with a view of identification in possible Copper and Gold related to Porphyry and High Sulphidation system. The Geological and geochemical data acquired will form the basis in determining additional investigation work and the subsequent acquisition of the area by MPRG and Freeport.

Field Investigation to Konni prospect at Aungban/Kalaw Township in Southern Shan State.

MPRG Team of geologists carried out a reconnaissance geological survey to Konni area south of Aungban Township from 23rd July to 1st August 2013. During field survey, collecting geological data, sampling rocks and to find out a silicified outcrop, which was mapped by Ivanhoe Myanmar Holding Ltd. Team ten year ago. Survey team divided into two groups and made stream traverses based on previous geological map. MPRG Team defined an alteration and mineralization zone of silica-clay (sericite)-pyrite mineral assemblage replaced silty sandstone associated with silica replaced micritic limestone, jasperiod alteration zones, which is possible sediment hosted or structural control mineralization style.

MPRG Team of geologists with DGSE Department was taken an inspection visit to mineral prospects and occurrences on Taungthonlon stratovolcano, situated at southwest of Kachin State about 350 km road from NNW of Mandalay on 7th to 18th May 2013. The objective of the trip is to find access routes as far as possible, to copper prospects or advanced argillic alteration zones in the magmatic arc segment for the mineralization and alteration and to collect rock samples for assay or specimens etc. This area is regarded as prospective for copper and gold because of a replacement quartz-pyrite body indicative of high sulphidation system and the extent volcano which implies late Tertiary magmatic rocks and hence relative uneroded hydrothermal system and also the area’s location more or less on strike with the quartz- pyrite body.

Signing Ceremony for Copper and Gold Exploration at Shangalon Area

Daewoo Precious Resources Co.Ltd., one of the affiliate companies of MPR Group have already signed between an agreement with DGSE, (Department of Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration), Ministry of Mines, The Government Of The Republic of The Union Of Myanmar, for prospecting, exploration and feasibility study of copper, gold and associated minerals at Shangalon area, Kawlin Township, Sagaing Region on 29th January 2014 at Nay Pyi Taw.

During the ceremony, Union Minister for Ministry of Mines Dr. Myint Aung made an opening addresses and Dr. Ye Myint Swe, Director General of DGSE, Mr.Jung Kyu-Jin, Senior Vice-President of Daewoo International Corporation, and Mr.Jung Dong Hwa, Managing Director of Daewoo Precious Resources Co.Ltd., delivered addresses on the occasion. Director Generals and High officials from Ministry, U Tun Lynn Shein (M D of MPRG) and Officials from MPR Group of Companies and Daewoo Precious Resources Co.Ltd also attended the signing ceremony.

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