Petroleum Sector

Since 2005, MPRG has been operating hand-dug shallow wells at several locations in Mandalay and Magwe Divisions. MPRG acquired hand-dug well permits for over 40 different areas. Our current operating areas include Laeyar field and Nagabyuak field in Magwe Division. Some of the areas of the Tetma field have been permitted for the company to operate since 2010. A team of 2 geologists, 1 drilling engineer and around 20 semi skilled workers are stationed there.

For the purpose of active partici-pation and cooperating with a for-eign petroleum company, Win Precious Resources Pte Ltd (WPR) was registered in Singapore. WPR is financed by and is an affiliate company of MPRG.

Many of us ask the question: – Is it possible to make a bathroom repair without drawing up a design project? Of course it is possible, but only if we are talking exclusively about a typical bathroom, located in a typical house, including a standard set of sanitary appliances. In this case, the project exists verbally, without any specifics or precise technical calculation. But if you have conceived the repair of a bathroom that has a tint of individuality, complicated by any decorative elements or the presence of non-standard sanitary appliances, then you cannot do without a deep project. Such repairs you can easily organize Bwoo.There is a definite answer to the question about the need to complete a bathroom design project – Yes! The project of repairing the bathroom helps to solve many problems and issues. In addition to visualization, allowing the customer to see and feel the finished result, choose the color and format of the tile, the shape and size of the bathtub and washbasin, the project gives a clear idea of ​​the repair budget as a whole. The same bathroom project allows you to pre-select the most suitable tile layout and place sanitary fittings and accessories as comfortable as possible.

PTTEP South Asia Limited is partnering with WPR and has signed two on-shore exploration contracts on blocks PSC G and EP2. PTTEP has 90 % equity in the projects while WPR has 10%.

Pegu Region and EP-2, the area approximately 1344 Square- kilometer in Magway Region. The 2D seismic survey has been carried out in line 1500 at area Block PSC-G at Meikhtilar Township, Kyaukpadaung Township and Natmauk Township and line 550 at areas at EP-G, at Taungdwingyi Township and Aunglan Township in Magway Region. The two tests well drilling will be followed up in each of the exploration areas.

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